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It all starts with a thorough consultation with clients. Commencing any mobile app development project depends on its practicality and need.From an eye-catching logo to the overall layout, everything that your audience sees on your app must ooze with an awesome user experience that actually begins with superoptimized developers code.A strategy is the roadmap that transforms dreams into reality, and thus, is a crucial part of the complete mobile app development process. Each app is different and our methodologies are always evolving, but there is a fairly standard process when developing mobile apps. Mobile app development process typically includes idea, strategy, design, development, deployment, and post-launch phases and we constructed our own 3 stages of this important process.


Creating a timeline

This process begins in consultation with the client to obtain information on the size of the project. We analyze those functionalities that the client has expressed and divide them into the smallest possible units. Then we arrange these wholes chronologically in order of dependence on each other and thus get the order in which they are done. And finally we go through the mini functionalities and give a rough estimate of the time for how much can be done which in the end gives us the timeline in the word document.


Database Construction and Prototype

We first consume the database in relation to the previously mentioned timeline. After creating the database, our designers have an insight into the bigger picture with the data they had to deal with and have the necessary data to build the prototype itself. It is important that the client participates in creating an interactive prototype.


Making publish and maintaining

After completing the previous phases, our developers start creating the application itself. Their work is defined with a scram methodology that involves two-week sprints within which there are clearly defined tasks created by timeline. Each completed task is additionally tested even after integration into the system itself. After a few iterations we come to the application phase when the client can test it. After a few iterations we come to the application phase that is ready for release. Then adding feauters and bug fixes.




head of deVELOPMENT

Our Values

Our culture, practical disruptive innovations and our relationships with clients, employees, and communities shape our core values. With a mindset of creating a business with authentic integrity and carving a niche for ourselves, we deliver excellence with commitment and transparency.

Our core values are as listed below



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