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It all commences with a comprehensive consultation with our clients. The initiation of any mobile app development project hinges on its practicality and necessity. From crafting an eye-catching logo to shaping the overall layout, every element that the end-users encounter must exude an exceptional user experience. And it all begins with meticulously optimized developer code.A well-thought-out strategy serves as the roadmap that transforms concepts into tangible reality, making it a vital component of the entire mobile app development process. While every app is unique, our methodologies are in a constant state of evolution. Nonetheless, there is a fairly standardized process that we adhere to when developing mobile apps.The mobile app development process typically encompasses several phases, including idea conceptualization, strategic planning, design, development, deployment, and post-launch activities. At DedalDev, we have crafted our own approach, breaking this journey into three distinct stages.


Creating a Timeline

The process kicks off with an in-depth consultation with our client to gather essential project details. We carefully scrutinize the desired functionalities and break them down into the most granular components possible. These units are then organized chronologically based on their interdependencies, forming a structured sequence for implementation.Next, we delve into these mini functionalities, providing preliminary time estimates for each. This meticulous analysis culminates in the creation of a detailed timeline, documented in a Word document.


Database Construction and Prototype

We initiate the process by prioritizing the database, aligning it with the established timeline. Once the database is set, our designers gain a comprehensive understanding of the data landscape, equipping them to craft the initial prototype. Client involvement in the interactive prototype creation phase is crucial to ensure alignment with expectations and requirements.


Publishing and Maintaining

Following the completion of the preceding phases, our development team embarks on the application creation process. We adhere to the Scrum methodology, organized into two-week sprints, each comprising clearly defined tasks. Every task, once completed, undergoes meticulous testing, even after integration into the system.Through multiple iterations, we progress to the application testing phase, allowing the client to evaluate and provide feedback. Upon successful testing and refinement, the application is primed for release.




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Our Values

Our core values are shaped by our culture, practical disruptive innovations, and our relationships with clients, employees, and communities. We are driven by a commitment to create a business founded on authentic integrity, carving a niche for ourselves. With this mindset, we consistently deliver excellence with transparency and unwavering dedication.

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