The one thing we have in common is passion to do what we do.

We push ourselves creatively every day because this is what we strive for, and not just because we have to.


The idea for establishing the DedalDev company originated in 2016. Originally, our focus was on the development of computer and mobile games. However, in 2017, we made a complete shift and transitioned to mobile application development.

The name 'DedalDev' is a combination of two words: 'Dedal' and 'dev' (development). In our native Serbian language, 'Dedal' is the name of the renowned ancient Greek sculptor, painter, architect, and inventor ‒ Daedalus. Inspired by his legacy, particularly his creation of the intricate Labyrinth and his reputation as a wise problem-solver, we chose to name our company after him.

Much like Daedalus, who was ahead of his time, we continuously strive to stay at the forefront of our industry. We were early adopters of Flutter, developing applications as soon as Google introduced this framework. Our journey into blockchain technology began in 2016, and we are currently exploring the synergy between Flutter and Blockchain, which will be a significant focus for DedalDev in the years ahead.

DedalDev is headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia, and our clients span the globe.


Nikola worked as a mobile developer in a company, while Nenad was a freelancer.


We started our first mobile app development project together.


Projects: Tutocas, Zakaži tehnički, Gymdroid (Workout app), Triangle (Yoga app); We increased the number of employees; Switched from native Android and iOS to Flutter.


Projects:  It Matters, EEP, iOS version of Zakaži tehnički, My Gateways, Football Methodology (mobile apps and our first Flutter Web project)


Projects: Distrikt, second startup in Serbia - Pold, third worldwide startup - Shake it; Sale of the first startup Zakaži tehnički


Start working on the Pirix Lab application, start working on MyParkeep mobile apps


Release of our own application Pirix Lab - Application for creating and minting NFTs. Application is available on the Apple AppStore, Google Play Store and on the Web.


Release of the simplified version of NFT Minting - Simple NFT Creator application.

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